Jenny S: Recovering from thyroid disease

I was suffering from heart palpitations and so went to see my doctor. He asked me to do a blood test which revealed an under active thyroid caused by the auto immune disease, Hashimoto's .Meanwhile, I was seeing Faye about my anxiety. While there, Faye did other tests and independently suggested my thyroid could have a problem. My time with Faye was for my anxiety. So, although she did a bit of work for my thyroid it wasn't her main focus. She advised waiting to see if a further blood test would validate my thyroid issue. The blood test showed a worsening of the condition and so I went to Faye for help. After 3 sessions to address my thyroid issues I took another blood test. This time, my thyroid levels were back to normal - something my doctor couldn't understand. I completely credit Faye with solving my condition and wholeheartedly recommend her. I've referred some of my friends too who have also already had amazing results

Philip S: Finding Calmness and Clarity

"Wow, I feel amazing. I can’t describe in words, the clarity and focus I have experienced in the last 24 hours from my treatment with Faye. The areas that came up in my consultation repeated themselves in the cards that chose themselves later in the session. The coaching and consultation gave me a completely different solution to the same obstacle I’ve been trying to work through for a while. And to take that into my day today, has felt like I have a new toolbox of things to help me achieve this, as well as a complete understanding of why I’ve felt this way for sometime now. I recommend this treatment to anyone who’s looking to push through something or understand themselves a little better or just get some insight to what’s standing in their way at present"

Helen f: Stress is a thing of the past!

“Since having Neuro I felt immediately different, and have felt more calm, balanced and clear. I feel like my mind is in control, like it’s working exactly how it should and knows how to process Information, events and people in a balanced way. Unnecessary stressing and clinging to thoughts is a thing of the past! It game me a new healthy perspective”

Jon: Physical and psychological benefits

“The physiological impact of magnet therapy with Faye has been incredible, plus it allowed me to open up about aspects that had been troubling my mind and body that previously I haven’t been able to tackle, it’s definitely helped me move forward”

Shasha: getting to the root of the issue

“Faye’s magnetic therapy has got to the root of an issue I was convinced I would have to seek medical advice on. It’s both magical and reassuringly scientific. After every session I experience more vitality and more balance, both physically and mentally”

Kate: Balance and energy

“Faye and her magnets are truly magical! I came to her feeling low, poor energy and my whole system in a pickle! She has unpeeled layers to provide me with more energy, a better understanding of how my body works and has worked tirelessly to bring balance to my life. She is always so kind, caring, thoughtful, a great listener and strives to ensure the best outcome. Faye is fabulous!”